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i luv kids they are so much funner to talk to than adults. i asked a toddler today whats up and he said “ten” with such conviction i really did believe it was an adequate response to my question for a second





And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

[W]e live in a sexually liberal society, not a liberated one. A truly liberated society is one where sex is value-neutral and not having sex is just as acceptable as having a lot of it.

The fact that asexuals are considered weird, sick, abnormal, mentally ill, repressed, etc is a bold indicator that we are not living in a sexually liberated society but in a liberalized one.



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Nobody makes fun of Demi Lovato better than Demi Lovato

Anonymous whispered:
That list you reblogged about the Harry Potter villans who are more interesting than Snape is just wrong. Ugh I can't even. How are any of them interesting? I don't know who Regulus Arturus Black is (is he Sirius dad?) but All of the other characters are boring and one demensional and their stories aren't nearly as fascinating as Snapes.


I don’t know what I should be more offended at. “Sirius’ dad” or the fact they you don’t think that these characters are interesting. Now I will admit that Snape’s story is interesting as well. The psychological analyses that can be done on that man…but thess other characters are just as/perhaps even more interesting in their own way.

Let me passionately break the list down.

-peter pettigrew (!!!)

Peter! How can you not be fascinated by Peter? The true example of how fear can push you to do terrible things. For a decade, Peter had three amazing friends who he practically worshipped. But he was overcome by fear and gave into Voldemort, ultimately betraying his friend (and his friend’s family) and framing his other friend. Can you stop for a moment and imagine the sheer mental strain…the pressure…the breaking point…the snapping…the fear…the anger…the guilt and confusion that this man faced?

-narcissa malfoy

Holy crap I love Narcissa. If you don’t think that this woman is interesting then you are 100% wrong, sir. I mean, there she was for five books, scarcely mentioned. Then WHAM the sixth book comes along and she’s scared for her son and she makes Severus protect him because he’s just a boy. And all of a sudden, you have a parallel. You have a marvelous parallel between her and Molly. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this parallel is. All of a sudden, we see Narcissa as a mother. She may be a villain, sure. But above all, she’s a mother who just wants to protect her son. And if that doesn’t make her badass enough, she looks into Voldemort’s red eyes and declares that Harry Potter is dead. Lying to the Dark Lord (the master of lie-defection) with just a few seconds of preparation. Narcissa Black. Is. A. BAMF.

-gellert grindlewald

We don’t know much about him. HOWEVER do you know what makes him great? The fact that he was a hero in his own mind. Dear god, I love the whole notion that every villain is a hero in his own right. And he was. He plotted all of the greater good stuff because he wanted to be the hero, the savior, of the wizarding world. He was horrendously wrong and hundreds of people suffered but again, it’s psychologically interesting. Forget Voldemort-Hitler parallels. Grindewald was the closest to Hitler. How is that not interesting?

-barty crouch jr.

Just the thought of Barty being controlled by the Imperius Curse for years by his hateful father is interesting. Let alone all of his actions and his horrible fate which wasn’t mentioned in the movie at all (along with dozens of other things).

-horace slughorn

Slughorn’s motifs are always interesting. He isn’t villainous, per say, but he certainly is greedy and manipulative. I’d be lying if I said he was the most interesting character but he had his moments. And never forget that, despite being the head of Slytherin, he stayed to help fight the Death Eaters. That’s just amazing. 
-kreacher the house elf

Sweet Merlin’s trousers, let’s talk about Kreacher! I don’t know where to start. Should I talk about the disgustingly fascinating way that house-elves have to obey their masters and the parallels of slavery IRL? Should I talk about how it probably never occurred to him that the Black family values are wrong and he accepted their views without question. Should I talk about the way he blindly worshipped his masters? Should I talk about the fact that he tried again and again to destroy the locket because Master Regulus told him so but he couldn’t and imagine how horrible he must have felt? Not to mention: house-elf army!

-dolores umbridge

Man even Umbridge is interesting in her own way. Umbridge is the combination of that horrible teacher and horrible authority figure that abuses their power with little regard to the feelings of others. She verges on the line of psychopathy while still wearing pink and smile. How the heck are you not fascinated up this woman?


-regulus black

Not Sirius’ father but rather his brother, who was a year younger than him. Whereas Sirius rebelled against his family, Regulus gave in to the beliefs and pressure. He was the perfect son. He got sorted into Slytherin. He became a Death Eater. Until he saw just how far Voldemort was willing to go to achieve his means. And what does Regulus do? At the age of eighteen, he attempts to destroy one of Voldemort’s horcruxes. Quietly. Passively. He wasn’t looking to be a hero. He wasn’t looking for the attention and admiration. He just wanted to do the right thing. So he sends his house-elf to safety and is horrifically killed. When’s the last time you heard THAT story?

In conclusion: JK Rowling really knows how to write a variety of characters. Also, my thumbs hurt from typing all of this out on my phone.